Are There Any Technologies to Extend Life Span?

by: Junji Takano

I have mentioned about extending our life span in several of my articles. Also see article "Secret Way to Extend Your Life Span by Counting Your Breath. Believe It or Not".

Recently, we found that life span may be related to the flexibility of the body's cells. Flexibility of body's cell does not mean flexibility of muscles like that of athletes. It is like vibration, a flexibility of something like that of a rubberized cell.

If you jump, and when your feet touch the ground, your body's cell vibrates. That's it. Once again, it's not the vibration of the body, but the vibration or the flexibility of each cell.

Most large animals have a short life; it is because their flexibilities are not as great as we think. Some athletes look so flexible but their life span does not correspond to their flexible body.

Relax, breathe slowly and calmly, and try to reduce your stress levels. This way, the flexibility of your body's cell will be greater and your life span will be extended.

We conducted a survey consisting of healthy old folks. Food, kind of water, exercise, work, sleeping hour, recreation, and environmental surroundings were detailed in the survey. However, we like to believe that these conditions have nothing to do with life span of human.

We visited Okinawa, Japan, a place where there's a high concentration of people 100 years or older. Yes, we checked their daily lives. Although scientists claim that kelps (seaweeds) that Okinawans eat are the key for long life, it seems that this is not just the case. Some claim it's the water in the area. Others believe that it is the Okinawan tofu (special tofu made from soya beans), but that also doesn't seem to be the case. Is it because of their lifestyles? I myself believe that their lifestyle is the key for longevity.

Factors that Contribute to Longevity

A way to stop the aging process or to reverse the process is what many scientists are looking for. If you can eradicate the wrinkles on your skin and body, and even reduce your body fats, then you got the answer on extending your life. By reducing muscle mass, cholesterol, physical and mental fatigue (stress), then, for sure, you may live for over a hundred years.

From people who were over 100 years old in Okinawa, we were able to gather some clues for longevity, and we like to believe and share their stories with you.

At first, we agree that diet is an important factor for longevity. Take more seaweeds (kelp) and seafoods. Dry provisions such as dried fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, fish, are well recommended. Drink wine moderately, just one shot a day is good enough.

Secondly, avoid doing hard exercise and hard labor at all. Simple 10–20 minutes exercise daily is recommended. A hard worker may have difficulties in this scheme. Work of simple farming is recommended. In Okinawa, hard works in the farm are done by husband. That could be the reason most oldies are female in Okinawa. Hard work can be done by machines.

Thirdly, good marriage reduces stress and extends longevity. Happy daily life makes the body's cell flexible, which is the key for long life without maladies.

Note: Okinawans who participated in this survey do not smoke at all, although there is no proven fact that cigarette smoking affects life span. Also, take note that they are not really vegetarian. They also eat moderate amounts of meat. Probably, they eat more fresh fish and dried fish, shell, and other sea products. You may also notice that all of them drink lots of kelp tea. Yogurt is included here, too.

The Keys to Longevity

In this troubled century, we have to admit that wealth contributes to longevity. Does it mean that poor people have to suffer in living with short life? That's unfair. But we cannot live without means. To earn, we need hard work. Work involves stress. Stress is the enemy of longevity.

It is quite difficult to conclude the key for longevity; however, we tried to observe how centenarians live every day. Probably, we could imitate their ways of daily living.

The number one key is to have light relaxing hobbies such as taking care of garden flowers, walking nearby your house with your life partners, and talking with your neighbors. There are many recreation activities that can help you reduce your stress and increase the flexibility of the cells. That's what we need for longevity.

Incidentally, when I was trying to collect data about centenarians, I heard that several of these people live in the northern part of the Philippines. Two of PYRO-ENERGEN staffs and my family took a vacation for sightseeing as well as meeting old people there.

As I have mentioned, relaxation is important to reduce stress and increase the flexibility of cells.

Centenarians in the northern part of the Philippines have something in common. All of them may have enough means to live; plenty of children of their own; neighbor's children surrounding them; they enjoy sharing means to poor neighbor's children; they enjoy talking neighbor's gossips with big smile and laugh; they enjoy going around whenever there are means to take them for sightseeing.

Whatever the answers are, these centenarians are happy people compared to others. We believe centenarians knew how to reduce worries and to have a long life.

Well, how about you?

While under research and observation, we hope that using PYRO-ENERGEN will extend your life.

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