What Does Make You Sick? – Part II

by: Junji Takano

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It is true that bacteria, viruses, stress, overwork, sloppiness, heredity, or genetics, are the cause or origin of various maladies. We also know that our body has antibodies and immune systems that protect us from diseases.

Some people look so healthy and rich, and some look so weak and poor. Yes, most of us really envy the rich when we get ill, especially during the time of financial difficulties. Sometimes, people tell us that the illnesses we suffer are caused by stress, but what kind of stress is it?

I have mentioned before that brushing your teeth is one way to eliminate various diseases. However, we received e-mails from some critics telling us that toothbrushing can make us sick because of fluoride contents in toothpastes. But those antagonists or critics are just tiny-minded. If you are afraid of fluoride, then, why don't you just use salt? Brushing your teeth may prevent serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and liver troubles. Is it possible to clean your blood and prevent heart diseases just by brushing your teeth? Yes, it is possible. It is just like a good prayer to God when you brush your teeth.

I have mentioned in my previous articles that fasting is one way of healing. Fasting is just like praying to God. Wherever you are hurt, you will be healed physically and spiritually. Fasting and prayer can reduce stress, which is the cause of thousands of diseases. When you are free from stress, your immune system including your antibodies will be revitalized and will be strong enough to fight bacteria, viruses, and other toxic invaders.

Let's take the case of “stress fracture”. Stress fracture can be caused by osteoporosis or some related diseases. However, most stress fracture cases we observed are caused by abuse in activities especially among athletes. Yes, abuse in daily life or daily lifestyle is the main reason of getting illnesses.


Yes, it is very true that stress makes you sick, but how and why were you stressed? Is it because your desire was greater than your capability of doing the work?

When you are stressed, your immune system as well as other antibody functions weakens. It is the reason that bacteria, viruses, and all other impurities in the body multiply to make you suffer. According to our research, even dogs, cats, rats, and other animals experience stress. Some cats and rats get stressed and become sick of diabetes.

We have two family friends who are different from us. They belong to a certain religious sect who has strange regulations or prohibitions. They are not allowed to eat swine, no smoking, no coffee, no instant foods, no chemical seasonings, no food color, no cola, no raw fish, and so on.

However, they go and eat at restaurants. How will they know if the foods they eat in the restaurants do not contain the above prohibited ingredients? Do you know that both of them including their children are very sickly? I tell them to eat whatever I offer in my house whenever they come to my place. Their children are happy to eat in my house.

Now, I think I know what really makes us sick. As I noted in my previous articles, when you are calm and your brain is calm, proper signals stimulate your entire body and maintains your health. Of course, whatever you do, you will get old. We call this “aging”, and no one can escape from it. But at least, we can try to keep and maintain our body properly in healthy condition.

Let's brush our teeth and our brain. Don't think badly to others, and do good to others. Eat right and don't drink too much. Make yourself right.

In conclusion, what does really make you sick? The answer seems to be your “aggressive” and “unreligious mind” of your distorted thinking that controls your body. Now, at least, you can avoid contracting maladies, if you understand these things.

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