How to Get Rid of Your Constipation Quickly

by: Junji Takano

– Constipation Is a Byproduct of Civilization –

About 10% of the world's population suffer from constipation, according to surveys. They claim that there are about 70 kinds of medicines available including herbal medicines. However, only few patients who tried those medicines were satisfied.

Doctors recommend taking lots of fruits and vegetables (vegetable fiber), plenty of water, enough exercise, and many other forms of remedies, but it seems that nothing is working for constipation.

Actually, the more they take medicines prescribed by their doctors, the more they suffer from abnormal bowel movements. And you may be experiencing the same way! How come these medications subscribed by doctors gave you negative results?

We have been monitoring constipation problems for over 40 years by the help of student volunteers and the PYRO-ENERGEN groups. If you are suffering from constipation, we believe that we can now give you the definite and final answer.

Ask your great grandparents or old folks if they had experienced constipation problems during their golden time. Our studies show that although constipation problems have existed since the ancient times, there were only a few serious complaints back then. Ever since the boom of fast food chains, instant food products, and because of urbanization, constipation problems had been growing, although educated people and scholars today recommend eating food products rich in vegetable fiber or taking fiber supplements.

If you consult your doctor, he will most likely prescribe the same medicine you can buy at drugstores, and he may tell you to take fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and do exercise as usual. But have you noticed that all these advices do not work at all in today's civilized world? Why?

Probably, most patients suffering from constipation undergo thorough physical examination, including mental pressures and stress monitoring by their doctors, yet they're having difficulties tracing the problem. Is it not because the trouble is not there in the first place?

To find the root cause of the problem, ask yourself the following questions:
- Did I take drugs to loosen bowel? What happened?
- Am I always going to the toilet every morning?

Here, we recommend that you should at first go to toilet every morning. This is a must.

Ideal Posture for Bowel Movements

Did you know that there is right and wrong way to have a bowel movement?

Proper Toilet PostureSlant Your Feet Forward

We recommend that you apply the position similar to the above image of the "The Thinker" sculpture, when sitting on the toilet seat.

Lean to about 45-50 degrees forward so that the anal canal would be straightened and relaxed. Your feet are better being on slanted forward position touching the floor with your toes just like the photo above. This is one of the best positions for bowel movement.

Straightened and Unstraightened Anal Canal

Failure to do so might lead to a balloon-like formation in the anus.

Stuck feces on the rectum

This formation is caused by stools (feces) getting stuck in the rectum. Eventually, it gets harder and will accumulate with fresh stools. Sometimes, the formation will be as wide as three inches. If so, surgical operation will be necessary to remove it.

Performing an Enema to Relieve Constipation

Enema Syringe

Performing an "enema" as a first-line treatment is recommended. You can purchase an enema syringe similar to the photo above at your nearest drugstores, and you can make your own solutions easily.

Using "oil enemas" or a simple "salt water enema" is preferable. The presence of salt in the enema solution reduces the transfer of water into and out of the colon. This prevents accumulation of water in kidneys and bladder, cutting down your trips to urinate during this enema treatment.

Salt water enema is simply a solution of 1 tablespoon of salt in 1 quart of warm water. You can find various solutions on how to make it in the internet, too.

Further Insight

Why do many people suffer from constipation in this civilized world? Some doctors say that it is because of lack of vegetable fiber, unbalanced diet, irregular eating habits, lack of exercise, overdose of drugs for constipation, or other defects in internal organs. But what is really the cause of constipation? Is it because of today's modern way of living?

Many are caused by hard studies in the school, stress and hard work in the office, and lack of rest or sleep. Also, some people have no time to go to toilet every morning because they're too busy for work. In these cases, advises from all your surroundings can do nothing to clear the constipation problem.

Therefore, this civilized lifestyle must be the cause of constipation, isn't it?

In addition, the majority who suffer from constipation are women under stress and due to incorrect diet.

Also, Americans and Europeans are more prone to constipation than Asians and Latin Americans. What is the reason? Our survey shows that people who eat rice or similar crops such as potatoes, taro, and cassava, as main food, have lower risk of constipation.

Cooked rice, potato, taro, and cassava, contain water. This water does not escape through your intestines immediately. Thus, soft rice can reach up to the rectum easily. Usually, by simply drinking plenty of water, the water will only have the tendency to escape easily through the intestines and most gets expelled as urine, not bowel. Now, you understand that drinking plenty of water is not the right answer for constipation.

If you experience constipation, we suggest you to perform enema immediately. This is only a way to eliminate your constipation problem instantly.

If you suffer from constipation, it is possible that you have mental fatigue and stress, which might cause other internal diseases and you might contract the negative energy (see ).

Try to eliminate your constipation as quickly as possible to keep your body in healthy condition.

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