Does Stress Cause Herpes Outbreaks?

by: Junji Takano

Updated: February 5, 2024

Most of us believe that all kinds of herpes are caused by a virus because medical books state so. We have strongly mentioned that the PYRO-ENERGEN works for viral diseases. However, it seems that there are some cases of herpes that are hard to deal with. This is the reason we came to the conclusion that some herpes cases are caused not only by a virus but also by bacteria, fungi, pollutants, or other toxic elements. Our studies on herpes are still ongoing in order to find a definitive solution and to end herpes problems around the world.

Herpes Outbreak

How Effective is PYRO-ENERGEN Therapy Against Herpes?

About 48 years ago, I had a friend who suffered from genital herpes, so I recommended that he undergo PYRO-ENERGEN therapy. Amazingly, his long years of hardship in combating his herpes were completely gone!

Almost the same year, I had an electronics technician who was suffering from genital herpes too. I also recommended that he undergo PYRO-ENERGEN therapy because of our previous experience treating the same disease. He used the PYRO-ENERGEN machine for two months. However, his herpes did not disappear and instead got worse.

I had no choice but to let him go on paid vacation leave for a while. He went to his birthplace where his parents live. After about 40 days, he came back to work again. And guess what, his herpes was gone during his vacation leave!

Our experience with PYRO-ENERGEN therapy shows that there are cases of herpes caused by a virus alone. In these cases, results appear wonderfully after PYRO-ENERGEN therapy, since from the day you use the machine, good effects can be readily observed by the patients.

With other cases of herpes, the PYRO-ENERGEN treatment shows no effect at all. This is when we realized that there must be more than two types of herpes. One is caused by a virus alone, which can be treated by the PYRO-ENERGEN. The other type of herpes may be caused by something other than a virus since the PYRO-ENERGEN therapy has no effect at all.

Now, I just came to wonder how my former technician got well after taking a long vacation. During my interview with him, he mentioned that he only took a vacation, nothing special.

Let's Take the Case of Asthma

We know that old Japanese folks advise asthma patients to relocate their lodgings to the province. We notice that they get well thereafter. However, as soon as they return home, asthma recurs among the majority of them.

I came to think that there must be some relation or similar occurrences between asthma and herpes. And I think I found one, which is STRESS.

Both herpes and asthma patients look fine with no signs of their illness getting worse as long as they are happy without family and financial problems.

Herpes Outbreak

Stress Is a Major Factor in Herpes Cases

From these experiences, I tried to shield herpes patients from their financial and family problems when they come for help. As much as I can accommodate their needs when I can afford it, I send them to my vacation cabin in the province for them to enjoy fishing, planting flowers or vegetables, feeding cattle, etc.

Now, you may ask, where did the herpes virus come from then? The answer is simpler than you think.

As we mentioned on our website, viruses are complex molecules of protein and nucleic acid, resembling genes. All of us have protein and nucleic acid in our body, and an unknown energy forces a change in the cell's chemistry, then a toxic virus is produced causing herpes.

I believe that a certain stress produces an energy wave that assembles protein and nucleic acid to form such a virus. Particularly, this virus may not be the same as the virus created by the negative energy or dark energy. Isn't it the reason that PYRO-ENERGEN therapy may not work for such herpes patients? It is because there is no outside energy force that assembles the toxic virus in the body. Yes, the energy must be coming from your own brain wave.

Amylase levels increase when stressed. Stress is detrimental by nature and may not exhibit obvious symptoms.

Whether it is correct or not, stress can be measured by the digestive enzyme amylase found in your saliva. A litmus paper can simply tell you by showing its yellowish color. We also notice that when your stress level is high, herpes is also active. Stress levels can be measured simply in this way every day at home.

Fatigue, toxic pollutants, bacteria, and fungus may cause herpes too.

The Herpes Virus Can Remain Dormant

Also, one of our researchers told us about chickenpox being caused by a herpes virus, which you may have experienced during childhood. The virus, however, does not leave the body even after an individual recovers from chickenpox. The virus hibernates and remains dormant in the body. The reason for this remains a mystery.

When you are stressed, the herpes virus may reawaken. From this theory, anyone who was once infected with chickenpox is more prone to herpes. No wonder that the herpes virus did not come from anywhere but was staying within your body in a dormant state for decades. What happened was that stress acted as a trigger device.

It is not recommended to use ointments. Only apply alcohol and vinegar externally for herpes. There are some herbs that are effective against herpes according to some medical teams. We will try to gather their information as soon as possible. Your suggestions are welcome.

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