History of the PYRO-ENERGEN

The PYRO-ENERGEN inventor, Mr. Junji Takano, became a victim of tuberculosis when he was still a young boy. He started to look for ways and means to eradicate the disease in his body as well as in those of his co-patients in the hospital.

After World War II, there were only a few medicines available in Japan. Some patients, including the inventor, did not recover in the hospital after many months of treatment.

He decided to research the disease called tuberculosis. After many years of study, he discovered that there are three types of tuberculosis. One is caused by mycobacterium (tubercle bacillus), which is contagious. This type is curable, if not controllable, by drugs. The second type is not caused by any bacillus but by a certain force of energy wave–this can be cured or controlled by PYRO-ENERGEN. The third type is caused by both.

Patients suffering from the second and third types of tuberculosis do not respond to drugs, indicating that there is resistance against all kinds of medications. X-ray results of such patients show positive tuberculosis spots in the lungs. However, if the sputum of such patients is subjected to a laboratory test for the cultivation of tubercle bacillus, it yields a negative result. Hence, it should NOT be labeled as tuberculosis.

In 1968, this discovery enabled the inventor to trace the origin of so-called incurable diseases and determine their eradication technique. It was then that the PYRO-ENERGEN was invented.

A mysterious energy force of electrical wave is the common denominator in all kinds of incurable diseases and is responsible for cancer and viruses. This force of energy wave is accountable for almost all diseases, including cancer, kidney diseases, diabetes, tumors, asthma, arthritis, and many others.

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Facts about Lightning

Have you ever heard that many patients who suffered from diseases got better after experiencing an electrical shock or being struck by lightning? It seems that electrical shock had a positive impact on their health. Is there any connection between electrical shock and diseases? These events helped the inventor comprehend the information outlined in religious scriptures, which suggest that illnesses are caused by an external negative energy force. Of course, there might be other miraculous methods of healing such diseases.

Static Electricity and Skin Rubdown

You can simulate static electricity as shown below. The static electricity produced can help you maintain a healthy body and stay away from diseases.

Static Electricity

For this reason, almost all school students in Japan practice rubdown. Rubbing down with a dry towel is an easy way to generate static electricity and remove negative energy from the body. Perform this rubdown motion for several minutes each day.

HISTORY: Skin rubdown using a dry towel to scrub the entire body has been a traditional Japanese practice for hundreds of years. Massage therapy is effective in improving cellular immunity, and skin rubdown also produces similar effects. Our ancestors knew this long before our modern medical technology emerged.

EXPERIMENTS: A study was conducted on sixteen bedridden old patients, who had suffered a cerebral stroke. Skin rubdown for about 10 minutes was added for 10 days. Blood was collected at noon on the day before skin rubdown, 5 and 10 days after initiation and 5 days after completion. The lymphocyte count, neutrophil count, serum gamma-globulin and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and natural killer cell activity were also measured. In 9 of these 16 patients, B, T, CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte counts were additionally measured on the same days.

RESULTS: There were no significant changes in the time course of the lymphocyte count, gamma-globulin or CRP levels. The neutrophil count increased 10 days after initiation of the skin rubdown, and natural killer cell activity increased 5 and 10 days after initiation, and returned to the baseline level 5 days after completion. Although there were no changes in the time course of the B, T, CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte counts, the CD4/CD8 ratio showed an increase 5 days after initiation and completion.

CONCLUSIONS: Skin rubdown activates natural killer cells, which may be attributed to the effect of certain mediators released from the T lymphocytes or the stimulated effect on the sympathetic nerves. This technique may be used to reduce various complications caused by the decreased immunity observed in bedridden old patients.


As shown in the above photos, Japanese students are rubbing each other with a dry towel. This practice is carried out in most schools.

To maintain your health, it is important to perform this activity regularly every day. A short trial of only three days is completely ineffective. Rubbing down your body with a dry towel is the simplest method. However, after returning from work or factory jobs, engaging in rubdown can be inconvenient. We often desire rest and relaxation. It would be ideal if you could eliminate diseases while resting, wouldn't it? That is also one of the reasons why PYRO-ENERGEN was invented.

The PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy machine can simulate skin rubdown in a simpler, more effective, and powerful manner!

PYRO-ENERGEN in Four Decades

More than four decades have passed since the invention of the PYRO-ENERGEN and its production began in 1968.

During the humble beginnings, it was a challenging task to convince sick people to use the PYRO-ENERGEN for treating their diseases. Mr. Takano visited several universities and hospitals to study its effects, but no one paid attention to him. However, his persistent visits eventually led some of them to try it out of curiosity.

Several remarkable results emerged in cases of cancer, leukemia, and diabetes. Doctors from around the world started showing interest in the machine.

Old PYRO-ENERGEN with the inventor

The photo above depicts Mr. Takano, the inventor of the PYRO-ENERGEN, still using a 40-year-old antique model of the machine at his salon. This old machine has been serving the families associated with the PYRO-ENERGEN group until now, although it has undergone some repairs and modifications. The machine has saved the lives of hundreds of people within the PYRO-ENERGEN family group.

Yes, it's true. The PYRO-ENERGEN has the potential to save your life, as well as your money!