PYRO Nerve Stimulator

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PYRO Nerve Stimulator

Would you like to stimulate or activate the nerve mechanism of your body without spending time commuting to a physiotherapist? How nice isn't it if you can do it while resting at home or office, or while you're watching TV or reading a book?

Now, it is not a dream anymore. It could be done with a modern device PYRO Nerve Stimulator created by the PYRO-ENERGEN research group. Trouble-Free, Maintenance-Free, No battery and control required, unlike other bioelectric-stimulators that are equipped with battery power supplies.

PYRO Nerve Stimulator is a brain wave multiplier, brain wave rectifier, body cells and nervous system rejuvenator, and it works without delay.

We believe that most brain waves pass through the surface of the skin and not through nerves. It means great amount of current produced by the brain may be wasted. When wire is attached to both wrist and ankle by using any cooking aluminum foil (rolled), it will receive brain wave current from the surface of the skin and it will be able to multiply the current, sending it back to reach the nervous system.

How Does It Work

Normally, ions in the body are well balanced and the number of positive and negative cells is electrically equal. However, whenever you get tired or sick, the flow of nerve current becomes weak and unbalanced, and the number of positive and negative ions is broken.

Our brain emits so-called brain wave. Brain wave activity is an alternating current, thus, most signals flow to the surface of skin tissue. Only a spike of current flows to the nervous system that control the body. When you are tired or worried, most brain signals do not pass the nervous system but consumed by the resistance of the skin tissue. This kind of occurrence is the beginning of getting ill.

Acupuncture stimulates or rejuvenates the nervous system and makes the brain current flow smoothly to vitalize the body cells to work normally. The nerve stimulator receives brain wave from the surface of the skin tissue and rectifies, which will be directly induced to the nervous system. In this way, nerves will be activated instantly, just like that of acupuncture but without the needles.

Some antagonists say that this kind of device is only psychologically operated. But what they don't know is that psychological effect produces more brain signals and the nervous system will be effectively stimulated to allow the flow of current.

Operating the Pyro Nerve Stimulator Without a Battery

PYRO Nerve Stimulator

There are 4 Banana Clips with wires of which will be for the left wrist and ankle; the other will be for the right wrist and ankle. Connect as shown above.

There are no time limits. Longer usage is more effective in stimulating the nervous system. Use it as often as possible. There is no overuse and side effects at all. Why no side effects? Because your brain controls itself for best result in stimulating your nervous system.

New Usage Reports From Our Researcher Friends

A friend of mine who came up with an idea, called me up for a new discovery using the Pyro Nerve Stimulator making it much more effective, which I never thought of.

He used the Pyro Nerve Stimulator for two people at a time.

Two red wires are connected to the wrist of one user. Two gray wires are connected to the wrist of another user, instead of connecting to ankle. See below photo.

PYRO Nerve Stimulator

16 out of 20 people who volunteered for testing experienced the following results:

  1. Their fatigue was eradicated in very short period of time.
  2. Good sleep was experienced on the same day.
  3. Appetite increased suddenly.
  4. Stress was removed.
  5. Pains in joints disappeared and their entire body felt healthy.

Clinically and scientifically, so far, nothing was proven at two institutes. They are still studying to find deep inside the phenomenon. Doctors explained to me that it maybe more of a psychological effect, probably because volunteers enjoy doing the test.

Whatever it is, if it gives better result to users, why don't you do it by yourself and tell me the result. Trying it by yourself is the best testimony rather than asking from others. Good luck.

The PYRO Nerve Stimulator can help provide necessary resistance to interrupt the process of growing bacterial and viral properties. It will keep you healthy and make you live longer.

New Technique for Patching

by: Junji Takano

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Here's another unique way in improving the patching method and fasten the effectiveness of it with our PYRO Nerve Stimulator (ion exchange).

Since we have been studying about hearing capabilities or aging of eardrums, we have learned interesting information from our collected data.

Hearing capability may reduce when we get old, and we all knew it. We call it tone-deafness. However, did you know that Koreans are the no. 1 music lover in the world?

This finding may have something to do with hearing capability. The function of eardrums among Koreans is better than people in other countries, and their eardrums can beautifully recognize all tone frequencies. What is the real reason that music lovers are more among Koreans? Well, what is the secret behind the excellent hearing capability of Koreans?

Here's maybe one answer—our research groups suggested that it is "garlic". The essence of garlic might have something to do with the eardrums. After several trials and experiments, we concluded that garlic is good in improving hearing capability and make eardrums to respond various frequencies. It means that garlic can prevent aging of eardrums, is that right?

Yes, Koreans are fan of garlic. If you get off the airport, there is a smell of garlic. If you walk along the streets, there is a smell of garlic. If you go to the restaurant areas, there is a strong smell of garlic. Almost all Korean delicacies contain garlic. Koreans cannot live without garlic, and that's probably the answer to our question. I like garlic very much, too. Is it the reason I love music :) ?

In my family, we consume a lot of garlic daily, too. Garlic can keep you healthy and young, although there are many who hate the smell of garlic.

Now, let's come to the solution in improving your hearing capability. Grind a small piece of garlic and mix with some drops of vinegar and flour. Make a paste and place it at the back of your ears.

Ear and Nerve Stimulator

You can also paste it to a 1 – 2 square inch of paper and place it to the back of your ears as seen on the above illustration.

Patch and Nerve Stimulator

If you want to experience immediate result, then, insert electrical wires with garlic paste and paste it at the back of your ear. Connect the PYRO Nerve Stimulator wires as seen on the above illustration.

Also by applying the same way, you can place the garlic pasted paper to the knee joints, elbow joints, shoulders, and other stiff or painful areas. The PYRO Nerve Stimulator will work as Garlic Ion Exchanger. No side effects at all, unlike other TENS machines.

Garlic Ion Exchange will help in erasing your arthritis pain, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, backache, and many others including some allergies.

You can try grinded ginger, too. Aloe, cactus, citrus, tomato, cucumber, potatoes Ion Exchange. Let us know their results. Bitter Melon Ion Exchange may be good for Diabetes. We are under research at moment. Please do not expect that PYRO Nerve Stimulator can heal diabetes, arthritis, etc. and eradicates virus, but for sure, it will be a good remedy in bringing back your former health.

Good luck.