PYRO-ENERGEN Testimonials - Second Page

All the testimonials shown here are unedited and unsolicited. They were submitted and taken from different sources (through the form above, e-mails, letters, blogs, forums, online discussion boards, etc.). They are sorted based on their historical appearance.

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Urination/Prostate Problem

Kamal of Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
I have been using this incredible machine for 3 yrs now. I bought this machine initially to overcome urination problem probably from my prostate. After using it for 4 days of 3-2hrs session per time, daily; I had a total cure of this problem. I am also a heart by pass subject who constantly suffer pain in both of my legs as a result of the by pass opearation took veins from both of my legs. Using this machine also helps tremendously with that pain. My legs also feels a lot warmer after using it. I would recommend to everyone this inexpensive machibe.


E-mail from a satisfied customer in United Kingdom:
I bought a Pyro-Energen machine from you in early June. After using it for 10 days my Psoriasis has gone !! I had the psoriasis for 40 years! Needless to say I'm absolutely amazed and delighted by this!! Regards

Persistent Cough in Children

E-mail from a happy parent:
For a month my 3 year old had a constant cough that makes her feel depressed. After doctor visits and nothing but cough medicine nothing worked she still coughs all night long constantly getting no rest. Her mother finally brought her to me I started to give her honey and warm water because she said coughing was hurting her throat. My initial plans was to wait until morning to try Pyro-Energen but throughout the night she coughed constantly. I got up about 1am and set the machine up for bed use. This testimony is as real as it gets but immediately after turning it on and laying back down with her not one cough and after three hours of hearing her sleep so peacefully I don't know what to say so I figured if I just send in my experience maybe it'll help someone else. So far so good she hasn't coughed or even had to clear her throat she is sleeping peacefully. I will continue to do 3 more sessions before her mother picks her up and I will log her progress even afterwards. Thanks for reading.


Black Veins

Feedback from a customer in India:
As I am having fair complexion, since one year, I found some blackened veins around my two knee leg and feet joints and they found changing the blackened to normal after using the unit.


E-mail from a customer in Malaysia:
I'm pleased to inform you that I've been using your pyroenergen for almost 2 years now and am very happy with the result. My friend whom had gout attack almost every year now hasn't had any attack since using your pyroenergen and he believes it really works so effectively for him that he's now ordering a unit from me.

Genital Herpes

Anonymous from North Queensland, Australia:
I had a recuring group of pussy blisters on the arch of my right foot for about 2 years which I thought was a spider bite and the pharmacist thought was a fungal infection. It occurred about every 6-8 months then started between my toes. About 2 years on I started to develop the same on the cheek of my right buttock which I again passed off as a spider bite as I never got the two at the same time and never connected them. I finally went to the doctor at my husband's insistence only to find out it was genital herpes contracted from my x partner about 5 years earlier. The doctor had no answers as to why it "jumped" the genital group of muscles as is occasionally the nature of the virus but I'm very happy it did.

I was offered a tablet (with possible side effects) for the rest of my life to prevent it from reoccurring but opted not to.

After having the big toe of my right foot skin free and weeping for three months straight due to the virus my husband and I decided to buy the pyro-energen. Because of my own personal disgust with myself and the fact that I had this virus, I used the machine for about an hour each morning and afternoon for about two weeks. That was over a year ago now and I have not had the virus since.


Gathered from an online discussion forum:
Observation of using the Negative Static Ion generator is there have been 2 out breaks of the NoroVirus, and my work colleagues and family all get the vomiting, and diarrhea. Where all I get is the stomach Cramps. Which IMO is the generator keeps the viral load down, so that my body does not need to get rid of it with vomiting and diarrhea.


Back Pain; Eczema

Salud Health Shop of Begenfield, New Jersey 07621, USA:
My son had back pains. He is 6'4 and worked as cashier at A n P Food Store and bending might trigger back pains. He was 20yrs old then. He complained he had back pain last year and begged me to do something and can't work. He called in sick, brought home the machine from the shop and while he was asleep on the couch, I put the Pyroenergen on top of him 30mins at night 6pm, 10pm and another at 6am. When he woke up the next morning, he forgot about his pains and denied any pain. Another testimonial was, my European friend Marta had eczema for 3 decades and when she came to the shop and used it 3x in a day, it dried and healed her eczema. She can't afford to buy one but she comes to shop on and off.

Heel Spur; Psoriasis; Rashes

Report from New York, USA:
Your machine can do much more than you say it can. 1. My wife had a heel-spur and when she woke up in the morning she lamed for a while. Now she does not know where the problem went. She is very happy. Her psoriasis is going and her hand is looking much better. Her face is looking much healthier and she has a glow in her face.

2. A friend took two treatments—3 different half hour, treatments on one day and a repeat of the same treatment another day. She had an accident on her left leg many years ago, with a lot of complications on that ankle. She said that she is much improved. She even wants to get her own machine. She lives in New Jersey and we live in New York so she lives very far to come for a treatment. She is trying to buy her own machine.

3. I had a rash in my groin area and it seems as though it is being cured.

Thanks, and we have much more to talk about. Until later.

Persistent Unexplained Breast Pain

Report from Benidorm, Spain:
When we were at our summer place in Spain I brought Pyroenergen as usual, never go anywhere without it, it is a cheap life insurance for our family. I heard a neighbor of ours had major health problems and because I practice alternative medicine, I contacted him and he told me that in recent months he had got so terrible pain in the breast area and had been hospitalized several times and they checked him very carefully but could not find anything so they thought it could be lack of calcium that elicited such pains but they were not sure, they gave him cortisone injections.

Since it was not possible to establish a diagnosis, it was hard for me to deal with Bioresonance (BRT) so this was a job for Pyroenergen, I told him a bit about how it worked, and offer him treatment, he was very insecure and wanted to talk to his wife first. May be added that this was a strong muscular man who used to go to the gym several times a week but now has become totally decrepit with weight loss as a result.

Well the next morning, the doorbell rang and he said he was ready for treatment, normally one should sit for half an hour at a time two or three times a day depending on how big the problems are. Since it was not feasible so we agreed that he would come every day once and sit for an hour. After six days (6 hours of treatment), he began to gently say that he thought the pain had diminished so we continued and from now after each treatment the pain subsided gradually, after ten treatments, pain was completely gone...

We had no time for more than ten treatments but last I spoke to him, it was all good, no pain anymore and he had started at the gym again.

Early-Stage of Prostate Cancer

A feedback from Kamal B. of Malaysia:
I have been using this machine for almost 2 months now with twice daily sessions of 30 minutes each session. When I bought the Pyro Energen I was having an initial stage of prostate (suffering for 2 weeks and after a week I consulted my Physician who prescribed me some medications which I did not consume as yet then). After 3 days using the Machine my prostate was totally relieved until thus far. I am continuing using this machine everyday with the same schedule and I am feeling healthy except that I feel dehydrated after every session and if I don't drink enough water, my skin becomes dry. Is this normal? Other than this condition I don't have any other complain.
Our comment: Dehydration could be the result of healing crisis, a.k.a. die-off symptoms or herxheimer reaction. Read article "PYRO-ENERGEN and Herxheimer Reaction or Die-Off Symptoms". Drinking plenty of fluids will help overcome a healing crisis.

Lung Tumor

Atty. Edward J. from Philippines:
In my case with alleged small tumor in my lung, I have been under chemo for the fifth times/ season since February of this year up to this June this month. But since I believe in the usage of pyro-energen ten years ago up to now, hence, I religiously use daily this machine for two hours per session and twice a day to counter-effect the damage that might be done by chemo to my vital organs and I also ate fresh fruits and fish and no meat consumption.

The result is that the small tumor has not grow bigger. My skin complexion has returned to reddish color. My lung breathing has gone back to normal sequence. I am not tired now when I am speaking unlike before but I have a complete rest of more than 8 hours sleep a day and not abuse my physical and mental body.

My spiritual companion is always by my side. Thank you.

Cancer (Sarcoma virus, Carcinoma virus, Melanoma, Leukemia); Parkinson's Disease

Gathered from an online research forum situated in USA:
The PyroEnergen is indeed a fantastic instrument. It creates a strong static electricity field, which according to the inventor disallows viruses from reproducing. We have seen very quick resolutions of flu, colds, headaches, etc., as well as (more importantly maybe?) recovery from some cancers. It appears to deal very well and fast with the sarcoma virus, and a bit less well with the carcinoma virus. It is most helpful in melanoma and leukemia.

As a side, one client who got the machine for helping with cancer is also a Parkinson's patient. To everyone's amazement, not only did she clear up the cancer in about 3 months, but her Parkinson's symptoms all but vanished.

Breathing Problems

Kamarul Zaman from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
Your product works great !. I could feel it working immediately. Honestly i cannot believe the results - AMAZING. My sinuses and throat are clearing up as well as my lungs. I am breathing clearly for the first time in 7 years. I am in love with this machine, you are really helping people. WHY IS THIS NOT IN EVERY PEOPLE'S HOUSE ???.

Breast Cancer; Fibromyalgia

Gathered from the online discussion forum of
The Pyroenergen helped me to cure my grandma's breast cancer (7 months) and my brother's Fibromyalgia (3 months) !!! -

Cold Sores (Herpes Virus); Sinus Congestion; Sinus Headache; Enlarged Prostate

Gathered from an online discussion forum:
I know of its 100 % effectiveness on cold sores (herpes virus) after a 10 to 20 use. The normal cycle for me without the Pyro-Energen is about 7 to 8 days of unsightly discomfort. With some prescription drugs I've used the cycle can be shortened by a few days. But with the Pyro-Energen it will stop its progression and start healing after 20 minutes. If I catch it as soon as I feel it starting it's stopped before it's hardly uncomfortable and barely visible. To me that is a good thing.

This morning I awoke with congested sinuses and a sinus headache after 20 minutes of use the headache was gone and my sinuses were completely clear and have remained so all day.

My brother has a Pyro-Energen also and uses it for all of the above conditions. He also had an enlarged prostrate with an elevated PSA; after using it for a few weeks he noticed a significant improvement (reduced prostrate size, which improved urinary function and lower PSA number). He now uses it for maintenance without the use of drugs. He thinks that is a good thing.

I personally know of several others who own and use their Pyro-Energen for various conditions including cancer and they are very satisfied with the results they are receiving.

I enjoy standing a piece of tissue paper on its edge without touching it by virtue of the static charge I'm receiving.

I would not want to be without my Pyro-Energen; if it breaks I will get it repaired or buy another one. I spoke with my brother today and he agrees.

Brain Sarcoma

A report from Anonymous, Ph.D. of Seattle, Washington, USA (gathered from an online discussion forum):
In late 2004 I found that I had a brain tumor with the BY (sarcoma) virus. Being a bit of a mad scientist, I decided to use the Pyro-Energen as the only treatment for a couple weeks to see what it would do with the virus. Using a form of energetic testing, I found that the virus score was cut in half in a week and eliminated in 2 weeks. (This is fast.) The remaining mass was shrunk using a radionics activator and a setting of 05000. The neurological symptoms have cleared up nicely. Other people using the device have had good results, though not quite that fast.

Cold Sores (Herpes Virus)

Gathered from an online discussion forum:
I normally sit in a non-metallic chair, put my feet on a metal plate sitting on top of the Pyro-Energen with the wire attached to the back of the machine, which gives it maximum power output. I normally run the Pyro-Energen about 20 minutes and will notice a cold sore will stop growing and hurting within hours of a 20 minute session and by the next day will be dramatically improved with no sign of virtual activity. The body then just repairs the damage of the dead virus. Ifve stopped cold sores several times; it has worked great for me. I would guess that it would work similarly for genital herpes.

Cold and Flu; Oral Herpes

Gathered from an online discussion forum:
I have personally used the Pyroenergen successfully for a cold and flu. My cold symptoms disappeared in two days but I felt an immediate sense of relief after the very first 20 minute session. It is recommended that you use it for 20 minutes 3-4 times daily at a minumum...there are absolutely no side effects that I creates a negative static electrical charge around the body which in turn makes the inner environment inhospitable for any and all viral conditions, perhaps by alkalinizing... I'm not sure but I can attest that it works. Amazing really... I highly recommend this device for viral conditions. I am continuing to use it for my oral herpes that I get about once or twice a year...I have not had an outbreak since I started using the device although it has only been a few months.

Dry Mucus

Gathered from the online discussion forum :
Fellow raw paleo Yon also benefited immensely and immediately from the use of PYRO-ENERGEN, helped him get rid of 50% of his stuck dry mucus in 1 hour. Amazing. He would cough out mucus when the machine was on and stop when the machine was off.

Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Gathered from an online discussion forum:
I've had PYRO-ENERGEN for the last year now. They're a great way of negatively charged ions into your body. They definitely increase energy as a result. I've got something called a Bio-Energy Meter which measures your body electricity and it shows readings increase after each session.

It's definitely good for helping recovery from viral diseases as it states. I had shingles last year (this is why I bought the machine) and definitely helped calm down the symptoms, and over a period of time, it helped me to recover completely.

Dry Cough

Excerpt from a health blogger – Pyroenergen Treats Dry Cough, Hard to Breath Lungs :
Pyroenergen to the rescue. E felt really bad. I saw him try to lie down and he said he couldn't breath. He resorted to try sleeping sitting up but that didn't work too well. This young man needed his sleep. Pyroenergen works to fix the body electric aura to allow self healing. In the case of E, everytime he used the pyroenergen, he would be able to cough out phlegm! No longer the dry cough. In 1 hour of pyroenergen E was able to expel and finish off a toilet paper roll full of phlegm. In 1 hour his lungs felt it had improved 50%. He was still coughing after the machine was turned off, but E was finally able to sleep! Awesome!

Today E just spent the time at his hotel sleeping. Too tired. He experimented with the Pyroenergen and found that it repeatedly helped him in coughing out the mucus. Interesting.

We also tried a whole bunch of other stuff on E like Quantumin drops in his nose and gargling it with water, with colloidal silver gargling to stop the coughing, lagundi just once to expel mucus, oleia oil on his chest and back to hopefully relieve any inflammation. But it was the pyroenergen that was the highlight of this healing act. Of course the other methods helped. The kidney cleanse expelled some foul smelling pee and his rashes have lessened.

I left E a steam bath generator but he didn't use it yet. E feels good enough this evening we have plans to driving out of town tomorrow. Thanks again pyroenergen!

Emergency Lung Pain; Bronchitis

Excerpt from a health blogger – Emergency Lung Pain - Green Mucus - Bronchitis - PyroEnergen to the Rescue! :

...It took me a while to re-assemble the machine. I drove by my office on the way where I store the machine for emergencies, then I looked for an aluminum plate, I couldn't get one in the village hardware store but I saw that the commemorative plate on my wife's car was a suitable metal, so I used that.

She was dead tired flat on the bed. So I tucked in the metal plate under her butt and administered PyroEnergen treatment that way. Tested the static electricity works with bits of paper. Tested on myself first. Then tested it on her. It's been a long time since I ran this machine. It still works. I always kept this for emergencies and this is an emergency.

She was impatient. She had not experienced, nor known how and why this machine works. She wanted to go to the hospital. I said, relax, this is emergency treatment, the fast way I know. So let's get on with it.

She was Pyroenergen treated for 30 minutes, she took a pee break then 30 minutes again.

After that she was up and walking and asked permission to take a bath. (Imagine that. Applause please.)...

Allergies and Chronic Illnesses

Feedback from one of our dealers in Malaysia:
One long month had passed. I've tried and demo your products. The results are fantastic. Some of the participants who are allergics to allergies like cats, lices, and bedbugs, shows immediate remedy with 30 minutes of treatment. Others who had chronic illness shows signs of recovery. Thank you.

Chronic Arthritis

Anonymous from Caribbean:
I purchased the Pyro-Energen machine because I am a devoted Christian and was intrigued by the fact that the inventor sought the Lord to help people who needed to be helped with sickness even of a spiritual nature.

I had the machine for about 2 weeks and only used it about 4 times because I am not a sick person. Then I saw a woman trying to come out of a van with much help.

I asked her problem and was told she suffers from Chronic Arthritis. I allowed her to use the machine for 2 days. On the third day, I saw her walking normally. I asked her if she was the same woman that was being helped and she lifted her hands in the air and began praising God, then bending over and touching her toes. She then told me that she not only had the problem of walking but she could not lift her hands before. Now she is 'walking and leaping and Praising God' for the simple and effective machine. She is 68 years old.



Common Cold

Rogelio from South Korea:
I finally was given an opportunity to try out the PYRO-ENERGEN last week when I came down with a cold. I used the machine an half hour a day for 2 days and was almost fully recovered 4 days later. I usually get a fever, headaches, sore body when I get a cold, but I believe I staved it off with PYRO-ENERGEN. I feel very confident in this machine, and will use it daily for preventative measures.

Sifu Amin Jani of, USA:
I just got it, with the first use, it dissolved the attachments others have towards me and afterwards, shielded me from there ghosts. this is a must product for good mental, emotional and physical health. Thank you!

Prostate Problems

Anonymous from Stockholm, Sweden:
Got my machine in just 3 days and start to treat right away twice a day 30 min and result is amazing. All problem with prostate is gone, before I woke up several times every night and had to go to the bathroom was always very tired because of disturbed sleep but that is past now just after one week of treatment. Wow what a machine...


George Chemedi from Canada:
I've received my PYRO-ENERGEN II in less than 5 business days. That was a good start.
In all honesty, I must admit I'm very impressed with this product. I guess it is the best price I've ever spent.
In only 4 days it miraculously made my 15 years old bad allergies go away, like I never had it.
For over 15 years I've been taking medication daily to avoid endless sneezing, watery eyes, plugged nose, itchiness and feeling miserable overall.
Although I was resistant at the beginning (the internet is infested with scams), what really made me go for the product was the price.
It is very good price-wise you stand out of the crowd, that is intriguing (and interesting) to the serious buyer.
As for the features and effectiveness, this seems to be the most important invention and development in mankind's history. This is a great threat to the world medical school and the pharmaceuticals they're promoting.
Thank God, Junji Takano was blessed with a mind to put this wonderful product together.

George Chemedi
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8S5


An anonymous message from Nigeria:
It cleared all the rashes on my body within three weeks.

Viral Infection

Anonymous from USA – gathered from an online source:
I just purchased this machine, and have tried it just once. I used it for 25 minutes. I felt overstimulated, but that effect wore off in a couple of hours, leaving a pleasant healthy "warmth". For prevention it is recommended one use it once a day. I personally wouldn't use it again at bedtime, though. I do have some kind of virus presently, and hope to ramp up safely to the four times daily recommended for ongoing illness.

Parkinson's Disease; Back Pain

Parkinson's Disease sufferer from Israel:
I just spent a few days in the company of a group of friends who know me well and for many years. They were amazed to see me in such good condition and looking better and also having much, much less shaking of my hands, walking better and altogether seeming to have shed some years of my real age of 84 and being a long-time Parkinson Disease sufferer. I have used the PYRO-ENERGEN since one month and it gives great hope to eliminate more and more symptoms of PD and improve quality of life.

I had a room mate, a lady of 52 years who has been suffering from backache - she says since youth - and there could not be found a cure because the cause could not be established despite innumerable tests. She tried the PYRO-ENERGEN and was relieved of her pain almost immediately. She kept using it several days a few times per day and kept expressing her joy at getting relief from her pain.

Autoimmune Disease – Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis)

Anonymous from Germany:
I use the PYRO-ENERGEN since the day I ordered it. Once, I was massively suffering from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. That was my last hope. I got the recommendation from my friend, who for years has experience with the PYRO-ENERGEN - and I'm eternally grateful to him. On the basis of photographs, I see further success. Now I can once again be more successful in my business.

Sciatic Nerve Pain (Sciatica); Cough; Arthritic Pain

E-mail (excerpt) from one of our client in Washington, USA:
We have bought the PYRO-ENERGEN and tried it - and although we have only had it since last Friday and its now Monday afternoon, it has already solved a sciatic nerve pain problem that had caused the individual to not sleep before. It also reduced the owners cough (myself) by 60% in only 3 days. It has also reduced my arthritic pain considerably.

Muscular Dystrophy

E-mail from one of our client in Canada about her son's muscular dystrophy:
I am having much success with the PYRO-ENERGEN machine with my son. No side effects at all and we have been tracking his results. Very interesting...I see many changes in terms of a healing sequence. His breathing has improved and, although we have incorporated a Chinese gentleman who is using specific herbs with him, was surprised to see his one leg dropping (flattening out while lying down). We have not told him about the machine -- it is just my way of analyzing what is going on. I believe the machine is doing what you say it is doing. My son has felt so many changes in the last month with the PYRO-ENERGEN compared to the herbs and cupping being employed, or even with my own equipment. I am cautiously excited. I will keep you informed.

Scoliosis Pain and Cramps; Prostate Problems

E-mail from one of our client in Kansas, USA:
I want to tell you about Chuck and Jean where I have my PYRO-ENERGEN set up -- About Jean -- She has scoliosis -- one hip larger than the other and walks quite twisted -- walks with a cane -- pain in one hip -- was wearing a support belt -- feet and legs cramped at night -- muscles in her hip and back very weak BUT since she has been on the PYRO-ENERGEN, she no longer needs the support belt -- no cramping at night -- has more energy and can walk without her cane, but she chooses to use it.

About Chuck -- Last May-June, he had a near-death experience -- his prostate was so swollen, it cut off his urine flow and caused his bladder to become distended -- his prostate was “reamed out” but he has to catheterize himself several times a day to get rid of urine -- he had no sensation of needing to urinate -- had to wear a support belt as well because of weakness in his back -- now since using the PYRO-ENERGEN, he doesn't need the support belt and knows when he needs to urinate --

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW for these improvements in just these TWO lives and guess what -- I don't have a PYRO-ENERGEN -- Chuck and Jean are buying mine but I can use it at their house -- now I need to get set up somehow so I can have one to use for myself.