PYRO-ENERGEN Testimonials - Third Page

All the testimonials shown here are unedited and unsolicited. They were submitted and taken from different sources (through the form above, e-mails, letters, blogs, forums, online discussion boards, etc.). They are sorted based on their historical appearance.

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Breast Cancer

A report from one of our Nigerian dealer, Dr. Shaye Jonathan:
A lady in her early 30s developed a lump in her left breast. She approached an orthodox hospital where the lump was surgically removed and taken to lab for analysis. She was thereafter told that it was cancer of the breast. To her dismay however the breast lump developed again, bigger than before. She approached the same hospital only to be told that her left breast would have to be removed completely. She declined. It was at this point that she was guided to us to come and try the PYRO-ENERGEN. After about 5 weeks of treatment, she traveled back to her base for Christmas holiday.

It was during this holiday period that she sent me this text message:

"I am happy to tell you that the result of the mammo I did on Dec 26th shows that everything is normal to the glory of GOD. Thanks for your kind gestures towards me and GOD will reward you bountifully in Jesus name. Happy New Year."

Thanks to the MOST HIGH for the gift of Pyroenergen.
Regards and Happy New Year.
Dr. Shaye Jonathan

Chronic Sinusitis

Ronald Weller from Cebu, Philippines:
I have had a chronic case of sinusitis for most part of one year. No treatment has worked until yesterday. After only one hour of PYRO-ENERGEN treatment, I have no more sinusitus. What a relief. Thank heavens for Dr. Ardell Binoya for leading me to this marvelous treatment.

Stubborn Bloating; Fibroid Tumors;

Anonymous from one of our distributor's client:
I wanted you to know I received the PYRO-ENERGEN yesterday morning! That was extremely fast. I have already used it for several hours and some of my very stubborn bloating has already subsided. Unfortunately, I am leaving for 1 day 1/2 but will be right back at it. I am very optimistic, so far.
This machine is amazing! I only got to use it two weeks and then had to head out of town for one week; I just got back today. Anyway, I was worried when I stopped using it that the progress I had made would dissipate while away: that was not the case! I lost so much swelling over my whole body; every day I just kept getting smaller. This bloating, swelling has been one of my main side effects of my illness. I've been on raw food (fruits and veggies) for one year and that did not have an effect.

Nonetheless, I am also seeing shrinkage in the fibroid area as well as my stomach is flattening out. I can see I will be a size 2 again soon. I think I am a 5 right now from a 7-8. I am small framed so I looked overweight. So I went down an entire size—not fat loss again, but trapped toxins I could not release with cleanses and many other things I have tried. I have even looked much younger since using it!

My husband loves it as well. He uses it regularly. He says he sees more energy and better mental focus!

I will update you when all of my symptoms are gone which I believe they will be as nothing has affected me this way before!

Lower Back Pain

Jose Alcantara from Philippines:
I am suffering from waist back pain for almost 3 months so I decided to buy PYRO-ENERGEN to prove. First time i bring it in my bed while i was watching TV, for almost 4 hours. When i woke up in the morning i raise in the bed quickly, the back waist pain is gone just a little bit pain left. In the 2nd day I make 2 hours sitting, the next morning pain completely gone. Until now 3 months no more pain , but i continue sitting 2 hours a day. Thanks to PYRO-ENERGEN.

Hay Fever; Allergies; Sore Throat; Diarrhea; Cold; Rashes

EXCERPT: Anonymous from Australia – gathered from an Internet forum:
Every spring the onset of hayfever drove me nuts. I never used to suffer from this until 4-5 years ago. To alleviate this I'd take a pill everyday but then the pills stopped working and the nasal sprays were ineffective. After doing some research on this forum and elsewhere I came to the conclusion that PYRO-ENERGEN would be a suitable device to cure my allergies.

I was pleased with the customer service and made the order. It arrived promptly via FedEx. You basically insulate yourself so the negative ions from the unit flow into you—you can see this for yourself on their website.

OK so the results. PYRO-ENERGEN II is meant to be many times more 'potent' than PYRO-ENERGEN. After using it for 30 minutes my hayfever disappeared! This wasn't a placebo as my allergy never came back. It's been a couple of months now.

Other results include: sore throats disappearing within hours. I had a bad case of diarrhea after swimming which was cleared up in about 2 hours. Colds disappeared very quickly in under 45 minutes. My brother had a bad rash on his arm that disappeared an hour later.

Since then whenever there's something ailing me I'll use the unit for 30 minutes and everything's better. I don't think it'll do all the things it claims to do though—someone can dowse this if they like. However I'm pleasantly surprised this thing is so effective and am happy with my investment.


Anonymous from Australia – gathered from a blog source -
My grandfather recently purchased a queer machine from Japan. It's called the PYRO-ENERGEN and it surrounds the body with an electrostatic field. This field allegedly deactivates the protein coats of viruses, thereby deactivating them. For those averse to shocks: do no fear using it. You won't feel a thing. The electrostatics envelope the user, but does not penetrate flesh.

Full of skepticism, I used the device for about an hour to see if the darn thing would knock my cold out. Hmm. Okay. I felt nothing. But pieces of paper did jump at my hand long after I used it. That was interesting. My cold didn't disappear throughout the use though...but it totally disappeared 4 hours after. Now that was odd because a typical flu lasts 4 days in me.

It's exciting if the effects can be replicated—all those Pharmas will go out of business!

Genital Herpes

Anonymous from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:
Hello, I wish to remain completely anonymous though want to share my story. Approximately 4 years ago I was diagnosed with genital herpes and I was devastated and thought my sex life was over and that my chances of finding a partner who would accept this were slim. I spent approx 18 months researching and tried to find information on people who had found a cure for this insidious virus and after hundreds of dollars spent on treatments that didn't work, I bought the PYRO-ENERGEN. I used it intensively for two hours every day for three weeks. The virus never returned.

I still have the machine though have not used it since this intensive three weeks of treatment. The cold sores that are the symptom of HSV usually appear when an individual is stressed. I have had many periods of extreme stress over the last 3 years and have not experienced any tingling, itchiness, sores or any other symptoms of the HSV virus. I am convinced the virus has been eradicated from my body. I am trying to spread the word about this PYRO-ENERGEN.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anonymous, Age 55, Tarlac City, Philippines:
Originally gathered from

For the past two weeks I have undergone treatment through PYRO-ENERGEN. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, plenty of Gas in the Stomach and weak Knees. After four treatments I find my body to be full of energy. I can do my work with less difficulty. My mind more alert. I would recommend this to those who had ailments and do not want to take synthetic drugs.

Stiffness; Ringing in the Ears; Warts; Eczema

Gloria from Bronx, NY:
I have used the PYRO-ENERGEN first in Quezon City, Philippines and then in NYC. I can't help noticing the difference in the static electricity produced in the 2 places. The static in QC is "lighter"; more sticky and heavier in NYC. Is there a difference in effect? All I know is that I started to feel good in QC, and continue to get better in NYC.

The first thing that went away a few weeks after using the PYRO-ENERGEN was the stiffness in my pelvis and knees that affected my walking. I could not believe the lightness in my gait, which at age 60 was unbelievable. Also the ringing in my ears is now gone. Warts are also disappearing. I can only wish it can make my eczema go away faster. I feel I need to sit at least 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a day for the treatment to be effective for eczema. I also apply Eczema No More 3 times a day which helps. I shall be reporting again on my the progress of my skin some time later on this website.

Allergies; Cold/Flu; Greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS) a.k.a. Trochanteric Bursitis

Angel from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA:
I was given a PYRO-ENERGEN by someone who thought it would help my reactions to chemicals, as I have toxic encephalopathy as a result of chemical exposures from toxins such as air fresheners, perfumes such as Angel Perfume by Theirry Mugler, etc.

Living in Vegas which is in a valley there are numerous pollens that can be at relatively high levels. I tried the unit one day at the request of my husband and have since not had any need for my allergy drops.

We usually get URI's around the holidays, this year, we started going on the PYRO-ENERGEN at the first sign of a *sniffle* and we have interrupted the onset of the cold/flu etc.

This has also alleviated greater trochanter bursitis that was unmanageable with other alternative protocols.

When exposed to toxic chemicals the PYRO-ENERGEN helps somewhat with the severity of the reactions. Even on a non-exposed day, the PYRO-ENERGEN creates a feeling of health after a 30 minute session.

I highly recommend this unit to anyone who has chemical sensitivities as it does help to a certain degree.


Dr. X:
I own a PYRO-ENERGEN and have used it successfully for about a year now. It creates negative static electricity which mimics the ionosphere...apparently killing any and all viruses (not bacteria or parasites). I have used it for colds...and can honestly say it lessens the severity and duration of a cold...they usually last about two days if you catch it early...otherwise they would last 5-7 days on average. Another benefit I have seems to "balance" me out and gives me greater clarity of thought if I use it when I am well on a preventative basis. It claims it will eliminate herpes from the body... but it can take a few months of regular use for that to occur.

Cold and Rhinovirus infections

Dr. X:
It is basically a machine that produces negative static electricity. The theory is that the energy produced rids the body of other harmful forms of energy and the negative effects they may have, such as ionizing electromagnetic and radioactive forms of energy. I know, it sounds I purchased one and used it on a head cold I came down with a few days ago.

The device is very easy to use...simply plug it in and put your feet on the top of the box for 20 minutes or so. Well I am happy to report that my cold is now completely gone...with no residual coughing or sputum either. Actually it left yesterday...after only 2 days of using the machine. I am symptoms were lessened immediately after the first sore throat left and my sinus dried up.

My cold had started that day and I used the machine that night, so I had had the symptoms for a full day. The next day my symptoms came back full force...minus the sore throat. Lots of mucous and sneezing, water eyes, etc. I used the device that AM for 20 minutes then went to work...suffered thru the day thinking this is another useless device. Came home and used the machine for 20 minutes...symptoms lessened by about 70% right after that use. Waited an hour, then used the device again for 20 minutes...went to bed with almost no symptoms. Woke up the next day (yesterday) with only minor sneezing and discomfort...used the machine for 20 minutes and went to work (yes I work on the weekends). Symptoms were 95% gone...I couldn't believe it. By yesterday PM my symptoms were 100% gone.

I used the machine anyway last eve thinking this was all in my head. Woke this AM with absolutely no residual mucous, cough...nothing. All I can say is this machine WORKS for the common rhino least it did in my circumstance.

The website claims it can cure any and all viral diseases including but not limited to cancer caused by "virus or unknown cause". I BELIEVE IT. There were absolutely NO side effects, no "herx" or "die-off" effect...nothing. I do get herpes simplex Type I about once a year so I'm going to continue to use the machine for this as in theory it will rid the body of that as well. This is truly amazing.

Anxiety or Chronic Stress

Vivian M. Flores from Philippines:
I am using PYRO-ENERGEN just in one month and I am much happy that I feel good and as if all my stress was gone....thanks for PYRO-ENERGEN.

Liver Spots

Ron Caven from USA:
I purchased a PYRO-ENERGEN machine in May or June of this year. I used the machine for thirty minutes everyday for about five or six weeks. I must admit that the liver marks on the back of my right hand seemed to diminish but since I stopped using the machine they have returned.
Our comment: It's recommended that PYRO-ENERGEN be used until a certain period of time for at least once or twice a week even though the sickness appears to be gone.

Arthritic Rheumatism

Anonymous from Canada:
Before I had difficulty in breathing, heart pains due to heart blood clots, insomnia, dysmennorhea (Painful Menstruation), bleeding ulcer, arthritic rheumatism, low blood pressure and dizziness.

Back in the year 1979, I was treated by PYRO-ENERGEN and I am using such device until now. I am using that apparatus including my whole family, friends and relatives. All my sickness were gone. I am now 67 years old, still can climb to clean my roof. Thanks to our Lord God Almighty, to Junji and to this medical instrument.

Arthritis; Heart Ailment; Breast Cancer; Psoriasis; Rashes

Cecilia J. Agustin from Philippines:
Shalom! We really praise our Father for giving you the wisdom to invent PYRO-ENERGEN - indeed a treasured device used by our Father to heal many people. We have a unit in the family and have been so blessed with its curative and preventive effects. My Mom's arthritis has been healed and lately, she said she could now hear a little from her left ear from where she could hardly hear at all for ages now. My brother in-law who has a heart ailment and advised for angiogram has been undergoing daily therapy (at least 4 hours daily) and his stammering has gone and now feels relief in his breathing. My cousin with breast cancer (scheduled for operation last May) bought a unit too. Now, she has felt relief and won't be undergoing operation anymore. We really thank our Father, my good friends Art and Marlene Medina and of course, you, for this machine.

My friend also bought a unit and it has been helping cure his father's arthritis. My friend has psoriasis. However, he told me that he has been undergoing therapy daily since last August, around 4-5 hrs. daily. However, the wounds on his body, especially on his head, became more red, many and now all his body and head have red wounds. He still continues his daily therapy. He said since he used the device, he felt very itchy.

He is asking me if he will still continue to use the machine. Personally, I would like to believe it's only an external manifestation like measles, since the machine is killing the viruses. The reddening of the wounds also happened to my nephew with minor skin rashes, after he had a PYRO-session for a few hours. Now, the skin rashes are slowly fading away.

Til today, he continues his therapy, trusting that our Father will heal his psoriasis thru PYRO-ENERGEN.

Neuropathy; Diabetes; Cellulitis; Eczema

J.W. from Hammond, Indiana, USA:
I received the PYRO-ENERGEN about three weeks ago. It took me a few days to find the best way for me and my wife to use it. We have developed our own system and have been using the unit on a regular basis ever since.

I'm happy to report that it is clearing up the neuropathy in my feet caused by my type 2 diabetes. For the first time in a long time I have feeling in my toes. My wife is a type 1 diabetic and she is also experiencing feeling where she had none. We are very happy with what the PYRO-ENERGEN is doing for us.

My wife also had some sort of internal viral infection (cellulitis?) which was extremely painful and caused her skin to turn a strong red color. It went from her shoulder to her abdomen. She told me that her Doctor had said during a previous visit that if it occurs again she should go to the hospital for a IV drip of antibiotics. Well since we do not have hospital insurance she combined colloidal silver with the PYRO-ENERGEN and it took a week but the infection is now gone.

The problem that I had with my legs is improving greatly. The itching is almost entirely gone. The eczema problem has abated also. It is great not to have the scab and the itch and my skin is returning to normal.

I can't thank you enough. Your unit has been a wonderful healing experience for us.


I had been suffering from a migraine for 2 days. Symptoms included elevated blood pressure, dizziness, spontaneous vomiting attacks, and of course, a blinding headache that blotted out memory. I was not able test the PYRO-ENERGEN the first time I bought it to see if it works or not so I thought this could be the best time to test it. I put my bare feet on the machine for 15-20 minutes, then, voila, my migraine was gone. This is much better way to test that it is working than using the tissue test.

Cancer – Leukemia, Melanoma, Sarcoma, and Carcinoma Viruses

Another report from X, Ph.D.:
The PYRO-ENERGEN is still producing good results. There may be more inquiries because I am reporting that the PYRO-ENERGEN is the fastest way to reduce the virus part of leukemia, melanoma and sarcoma.

Another report from X, Ph.D. (Update - After 3 months):
Some more people have reported rapid reduction of sarcoma and melanoma treating just once a day. Carcinoma seems to be slow. Perhaps treatment has to be more often.

Another report from X, Ph.D. (Update - After 8 days):
We have had some more good recoveries from cancer. The melanoma virus goes away quickly. It seems to work best for melanoma when there is a metal plate attached to the output. Sarcoma virus goes away quickly and does not need the metal plate. We are still experimenting with carcinoma and lymphoma. Carcinoma is slow to go away so far.

Another report from X, Ph.D. (Update - After 1 Month):
Today a PYRO-ENERGEN user reported that his hip pain cleared up and his cold hands and feet warmed up. Coldness of hands and feet is often caused by poor circulation. That is often caused by sticky blood. Sticky blood is often caused by viruses. So it is not surprising that the PYRO-ENERGEN would help circulation.

X, Ph.D. (Update - After 3 days):
I continued to use the PYRO-ENERGEN for 1 hour per day. Virus and tumor scores are now 0. I am now taking enzymes to remove debris.

X, Ph.D. from Seattle Washington:
In September I began having some symptoms that prompted me to send a saliva sample away for radionics testing. By October I actually got around to sending off the sample! The results came back on the 13th - a score of 82 for sarcoma virus and also 82 for tumors. Well, at least that explained the symptoms. These numbers are just readings on a dial. They are mainly used to monitor progress.

There were a number of ways that I could deal with the virus (EPBWBR, F-SCAN, EM7V, BX-1 and others). But I had ordered the PYRO-ENERGEN and decided to wait so I could determine what it would do by itself. It arrived on the 18th. That evening, and each of the next six evenings I spent 2 hours with bare feet on the PYRO-ENERGEN box soaking up negative static electricity.

As of Monday morning the 25th, I had spent 14 hours on the PYRO-ENERGEN. There were some mild die-off symptoms, but nothing serious or even inconvenient. That morning another saliva sample was sent off. The results came back: Sarcoma virus 40 and tumors 32. Not bad at all! The usual drop on a good program is about 10 percent a month. I had a better than 50 percent drop in a week. The radionics lab people had never seen anything quite like this.

Psoriasis; Kidney Stone; Arthritis; High Blood Pressure (Hypertension); Paralysis

Dr. Pete A. Ong from Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines (Update):
I acquired my unit here in the Philippines thru a distributor. In fact I have now 2 units of PYRO-ENERGEN and have been helping a lot of people with ailments specially those who can't afford regular medical treatment, and boy, the result of their sessions sitting on my PYRO-ENERGEN is simply unbelievable. I still have so many testimonies coming from those whom I have shared my PYRO-ENERGEN with and all of these happened in just barely three months.

Soon, I will be embarking on a mission to some remote areas of my country bringing with me my PYRO-ENERGEN reaching out to those people who cannot avail of medical treatment. The situation here in my country is getting worst because of the shortage of medical doctors. In two years time, most of our medical doctors have shift courses to nursing in order to leave the Philippines and work somewhere else as nurses. Its quite embarrassing to note that but that is simply the sad reality resulting from economic difficulties.

I still feel so blessed to have acquired my PYRO-ENERGEN units and thru these I wish to help my poor countrymen achieve a healthy life. Young children and adults are suffering from so many kinds of sickness and I hope I can save more money in the quickest time possible to buy more units of PYRO-ENERGEN so I can help more people. It will not make me rich financially, but I know I will be fulfilled and happy. Thanks to PYRO-ENERGEN. More power to all of you!

Dr. Pete A. Ong from Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines:
I am a dentist by profession. I had my PYRO-ENERGEN since August this year and has worked wonders to so many people already. I, for instance, still benefit from my PYRO-ENERGEN. It is the only one that removed my kidney stones and rendered my kidney function to its fullest healthy state. It was only two months since I acquired this device and as I said, has caused help and good results to so many people I know.

My friend Anne mysteriously lost her psoriasis which bugged her for two weeks after using the machine for only 5 days! Her skin returned to normal and as if she didn't suffer from psoriasis. She has been so grateful to this wonderful machine. My secretary, Liza, suffered from arthritis and high blood pressure. She swears to high heavens that her ailments are now all gone without taking any single dose of drug. What really amazed me is my neighbor Mely, who has been paralyzed (right side of the body) for almost 15 years now. She has been operated to remove a tumor on her left side of the brain 15 years ago and as a result, half of her body was paralyzed and she also lost her left eyesight. She has been sitting on the PYRO-ENERGEN since August up to now and I can't fully tell in this letter just how much she has improved. She used to walk with a cane and she is has been rendered inutile because of what happened to her. You will not believe me if I tell you now that she walks alone by herself with no cane and now she sells commodoties all by herself, unassisted and very able. PYRO-ENERGEN didn't just give back her body but more so, it gave her back her life. She told me she will forever be grateful to me for letting her use my PYRO-ENERGEN. But I told her not to thank me but thank herself for having the determination to live life as normal as can be with the help of this device.

Up to this very moment lots of people I know are using my PYRO-ENERGEN. I am not writing this testimony to convince others to try and use it. Each one of us has a choice; and my choice was to use PYRO-ENERGEN. It's hard to convince people, especially in trying something unconventional. For those who tried it, let us congratulate ourselves. To those who don't, it's your loss.

Heart Disease

Mr. Tang from Singapore:
I'm a 65-year old and has been suffering from a heart disease since 3 years ago. I was on medication for many months. Few months ago, my son told me about this website he found. At first I doubted if it is true but I took the risk. I then started using PYRO-ENERGEN. After one week, my blood pressure decreases and I had more energy by now. It is possible that I might have heart problems again. But if that occurs, I'll use this device immediately.


A customer from Zambia, Africa:
I was diagnosed with HIV. I had been losing weight since that time. After using PYRO-ENERGEN, I felt better and then started gaining back my normal weight. I then eventually felt strong and recovered like a normal person. I let my doctor check my blood again and it did become HIV-free. But I was instructed to use the device as frequently as I can to prevent the virus from reappearing.


Manuel I. from Marikina, Philippines:
I have used PYRO-ENERGEN to relieve headaches and surprised that it abated them rather quickly. I don't have any obvious health problems but I've been using this device for two months now. I had a few headaches early on but so far I'm feeling better. Also, drinking lots of water have enhanced my energy level.