Facts About Aromatherapy

by: Junji Takano

When I placed the article about "Smell (Odor) Causes Most of Stress" in July 10, I received several responses for three weeks, and some aromatherapists are arguing against the article. To answer them, I needed the time to study all about smell and its effect with scientists in Japan.

I did mention that smell causes stress, so aromatherapy causes stress, too. Then, why many claim that aromatherapy helped some people relieve stress and alleviate physical and psychological disorders?

Stress is believed to be the effect of mental fatigue, emotional and psychological pressures. However, we have learned that stress could occur without self-awareness. One is due to environmental changes and the other is smell, which is worst when sleeping.

Aromatherapy has good effects if you do it the right way. So, what is the right way? That's what all aromatherapists including myself are studying.

We feel good when we visit forest, waterfall and seaside. Smell of nature causes this. You feel that your stress is removed, if not, at least reduced.

It is because these occasional visit and smells are felt in a short period of time, thus, excitement is more than anything to reduce stress. In this sense, it is true that fresh aroma can remove stress as aromatherapists say.

However, people living around forest areas wanted to have experience on the asphalt jungle to escape from the monotonies of countryside. This natural phenomenon is also called stress.

What this means is that aromatherapy is just a temporary remedy. If you sleep with aroma around, you will notice more tiredness when you wake up. This is stress.

To remove some stress, then we can recommend aromatherapy. However, several days of aromatherapy while sleeping is not recommended. To remove stress in more efficient way, our studies show that having no smell (odor) on an area is the best.

To prove more about smell and stress, I invited blind people to travel with me.

These people can feel the sense of touch, sound and smell. They feel stress, too. Touch of different flowers, trees, wall and street reduced their stress when traveling, even though they're blind. Sound they hear also reduced their stress.

The aroma of forest, waterfall, countryside and field, might be the most influential answer to the stress solution.

After several studies, I was on the right path. Of course, blind people may have more stress than ordinary people do. Traveling is one effective therapy for blind people to reduce their stress and educate themselves.

Nonetheless, sleeping in a room where there is no smell at all was the best solution for both blind and normal people.

There are some people who produce bad odor without any reason. Their stress is greater than the others. These people might be affected by the negative energy. For such people, recommend the PYRO-ENERGEN treatment instead of aromatherapy. It is the perfect answer to an unknown cause of stress.

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