Traveling Widely Makes You Healthy

by: Junji Takano

You want to be healthy, intelligent, religious, and rich in every angle. It's a dream of every one of us.

I gathered hundreds of records from my friends to their schoolmates and their relatives, about their travel records, biodata, as well as health conditions. And I came to understand what I was expecting to, to conclude whether my answer is right or wrong.

It is "traveling" that makes us healthy, wise, and rich, is it right? You gain wisdom for all. Hey, if you cannot believe this, just ignore this article and forget about contradicting! :)

Travelling in Japan

Yes, people who travel widely are healthier than people who do not travel. It is not because healthy people can travel more, it is that people who seldom travel contract viral diseases or diseases of unknown cause easily compare to those who do not travel.

I discovered the origin of virus which is the negative energy in 5th dimension. See article "Outside Negative Energy Force Resides in 5th Dimension". And it was 4 decades ago when I was an aggressive young man, and predicted that traveling and meeting different races and learning from them will make us healthy, wise, religious, and rich. Don't you know that wise and religious men cannot be attracted by negative energy which is the cause of viral and dreadful diseases? Oh, you have seen many religious people who are suffering from incurable diseases. So are they really religious and wise? You cannot say that, because you do not know the inner side of them.

Brain waves of intelligent and religious men are different from common people. Wise men do not attract negative energy or cannot be attracted by it. Aside from that, most negative energies do not travel together with the person who travels here and there. This means that travelers will be free from negative energy while traveling. Although this may not happen 100% of the time but our observation indicates it so.

First of all, "travel makes you physically tough", which is equal to daily physical exercise, and that's good.

Second, "travel makes you observe and see thousands of things which you never learned in your school". That's a marvelous education and actual experience.

Third, "travel gives you greater chance to meet hundreds of friend". That's where you can obtain their knowledge and wisdom for better living.

Lastly, in most cases, "when one is traveling, the negative energy is usually out of one's body". By traveling, people become wise and religious which makes one's brain wave strong enough to repel the negative energy.

Of course, there are exceptional cases despite wide travel. There are people who always think on how to contradict someone's idea as well as their opinions. Oh, no way for them, let them remain in sick, ha-ha. What kind of sickness? I don't know :).

If your brain wave emits right wave, then, you are free from viral diseases and diseases of unknown cause. Also see article "PYRO-ENERGEN Treatment and Listening Music: You Can Change Your Life to Success". If that's the case then you are now religious, wise and rich :).

This is an ideal brain wave when you are resting or sleeping. Wave form should be steady and beautiful without so much distortion.
Figure 1
Figure 1

This is a sample brain wave form when you are unhealthy or sick and having terrible stress.
Figure 2
Figure 2

This is a sample wave form when you are listening POP or JAZZ musics (similar to that of when you are unhealthy and sick or when suffering from stress).
Figure 3
Figure 3

This is a sample brain wave form when you are listening classical music (especially those composed by Mozart), or by traveling beautiful places or praying religiously. You can see that the wave form looks more to that of ideal pattern.
Figure 4
Figure 4

We recommend especially cancer patients to go out traveling abroad, probably with your better half or loved ones. Records show that many recovered remarkably. Wow, is it true? Why don't you try? You will be amazed. And you will notice that the patient will become truly religious and honest. In fact, there are tour agencies in Japan arranged for cancer patients, kidney-trouble patients, ulcer and rheumatism patients, and so on. It is just like a pilgrimage tour, isn't it? The result is very good according to some travel guides. This idea is getting in Japan and neighboring countries because you lose nothing when traveling. You will even enjoy traveling while you still live.

Oh, where do they travel? You want to know, don't you? We understand that cancer patients traveled the mountain areas in Peru, Naples, Mt. Kilimanjaro of Tanzania Africa, Mt. Fuji in Japan, etc. Rheumatism patients traveled in the renowned hot springs of the world or around Japan. Peptic ulcer patients traveled in the countryside villages (farmers) of India and main China. Probably they have their own reason to choose the place to visit. Guess what's behind the reason?

Traveling, will gain you the wisdom for life; some people get knowledge of intelligence while others become religious and get healthier. It's up to you to believe. Why don't you travel? Anyway you lose nothing at all but gain knowledge. Oh, you might get rich, too. Do you want to get all of that, why not? PYRO-ENERGEN also gives you the same result, ha-ha. OK, let us travel around. At my old age, I myself travel a lot, especially in the rocky mountains and mountain forest regions with a 4 x 4 auto. Who drive the car? You bet.

Prevent Getting Sick During Travel

If you are going to foreign countries, aside from passport, you need to get vaccines and prepare some common medicines - medicines for diarrhea, colds, motion sickness, upset stomach, cuts and scrapes, bug bites, and sunburn. You'll also need painkiller and other first aid kits.

Try to drink bottled beverages or boiled water, and avoid ice. Don't swim in stagnant or polluted water or after a heavy rainfall. Use goggles, and nose and earplugs. Wash wound cuts with clean water and soap.

Avoid raw foods (salads, uncooked vegetables), nonpasteurized milk and cheese, undercooked or raw meat or fish, mayonnaise and dressings. Eat foods that are cooked and still hot, and unpeeled fruits. Avoid buying foods or drinks from street vendors. Use insect-repellent to prevent mosquito and tick bites. Check your medical coverage that covers international travel insurance.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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