Easy Way to Lower Your Blood Cholesterol

by: Junji Takano

Ever since we posted the article "Chili Pepper isn't Just Hot, It's a Medicine", we keep receiving numerous feedbacks from all over the globe.

The single most-asked question we receive is about high blood and cholesterol reduction, since we mentioned previously that a spoonful of chili pepper a day can help lower your cholesterol overnight.

India is the largest producer of chillies in the world. Second is Thailand, Korea is third, Mexico is fourth, followed by Sichuan of China. However, consumption and use of chili pepper vary depending on the lifestyle of today's young generations.

Chili PepperChili Pepper

One Thing to Note Is...

It does not mean that all people who eat hot pepper have lower cholesterol levels. It is important for you to know that the result varies depending on lifestyle.

Although India is the largest producer of hot pepper in the world, people living in India themselves (especially young people), consume foods that consist mainly of modern foods. Traditional foods are being replaced by modern and western-style foods like fast foods and junk foods.

In General, People in Rural Areas Are Healthier

People in the provinces of India, Thailand, Korea, Mexico, and Peru, are healthier than people in modern cities of these lands.

Let us take a case in Korea. Among young and old people living in big cities such as Seoul and Pusan, you won't see any noticeable differences if you are to compare their health condition to people living in New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, etc.

However, there's a higher incidence of hypertension, obesity, heart problems, asthma, and cancer diseases, in modernized cities, and much less in remote provinces of Korea.

Spicy Hot Korean Foods and Its Effect to Health

We have been studying the overall health of people who live in Korean community in Osaka, Japan, and of course people in Korea since 40 years ago. The majority of these Korean people (even the children) are eating hot chili peppers. Therefore, their stomachs are used to it and are not affected from pepper stimulants.

But we suggest that you don't follow these Koreans in eating a lot of pepper from the very start, otherwise you may experience anal burning.

Rayu Chili PepperRayu Chili Pepper
Homemade and commercialized liquid chili pepper seasoning contained in a small bottle, can be commonly found it Chinese restaurants.

We tried to survey Koreans living in cities and provinces. We also surveyed Koreans living in Osaka. Then, we believe that we were able to acquire a very reasonable finding about the effectiveness of chili pepper or la-yu (chili-infused vegetable oil).

People who live in the cities especially young people are just the same as we are. We suffer from practically the same diseases in the same way. There are not so much differences. However, the elderly and people in the provinces indeed look healthier and suffer from less serious diseases like cancer and cholesterol-related diseases. Yes, our survey shows that chili or la-yu is a huge factor.

Yes, the elderly suffer much less than younger generations from cancer diseases and hypertension-related diseases.

Another survey shows that after eating la-yu, their cholesterol level lowered in great amount. Can you believe that this happened practically among all surveyed people in just overnight? Try it by yourself.

Important Thing to Remember

Please do not try to start eating la-yu by a teaspoonful quantity! You might experience anal burning if you do so. Start little by little and increase gradually.

Eventually, you will be able to taste la-yu as much as two teaspoons within a day. Then soon, you will observe good result on your health.

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