Mystery of Sleep Paralysis Disorder Revealed

by: Junji Takano

Have you ever experienced waking up suddenly in the middle of the night but your body becomes stuck and unable to move for some reason? What could this be? Is this caused by a spirit, an invisible life force, or fault of the devil?

Research has found that there are a couple of causes that can lead to this mysterious condition, which is medically known as "sleep paralysis".

In this article, you'll learn the mechanisms that trigger sleep paralysis, the hidden disease that can cause it, and the countermeasures you can do to offset this condition.

Sleep Paralysis

3 Common Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis

  1. Feeling awake but unable to move and speak.
  2. Perceived feeling of something heavy resting on the body.
  3. Terrifying sensation that some intruder is in the room.

People who experience sleep paralysis will have different terrifying experience. But there's one thing that completely differentiates sleep paralysis from nightmare—the sufferer is fully aware that they are awake.

Disturbance of Sleep Cycle Can Easily Lead to Sleep Paralysis!

One of the reasons why sleep paralysis occurs is because of disturbance in the "sleep cycle". In fact, experiments have shown that it is possible to induce sleep paralysis by disrupting a person's sleeping patterns.

Basically, sleep cycles are stages of NREM (non-rapid eye movement) and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The sleep cycle begins with a period of NREM sleep followed by REM sleep, and the cycle repeats. One cycle lasts about 90-120 minutes. NREM is the longest stage of sleep taking up 75% of your entire sleep time. Dreams normally occur during the REM stage wherein your eyes move rapidly but your entire body remains very relaxed. This means that your muscles are not activated during the REM stage. This is your body's protective measure so as not to physically harm yourself by acting out your dream.

Sleep Cycles

Now, sleep paralysis occurs if your sleep is disrupted and you have awoken before the REM stage is completed or finished. At this point, you will notice that you cannot move your body and even speak even though you are aware that you are awake. This is simply because the muscles in your body are still in paralyzed state of the REM cycle.

Why Sleep Paralysis Occurs?

According to experts, below are the major factors that triggers sleep paralysis:

  1. Having habits of irregular sleep time.
  2. Napping for too long during the day.
  3. Sleeping by lying in face up (supine) position.
  4. Stress.

Did you know that in Japan, 40% of the population experiences sleep paralysis at least once in their lifetime? This can be likely attributed to the population's stressful environment.

On the other hand, scary sensations or visions that is associated with sleep paralysis is influenced simply by your emotions or by overthinking things because of the terrifying experience that you can't move or speak.

Chronic Sleep Paralysis – A Sign of Narcolepsy?

There are also cases where sleep paralysis occurs repeatedly and becomes chronic. Recent studies show that an underlying disease called "narcolepsy", a type of hypersomnia, is responsible for it.

3 Typical Symptoms of Narcolepsy

  1. Sleep paralysis occurs frequently (once a week or more).
  2. Extreme drowsiness during the day despite getting enough sleep at night.
  3. Cataplexy (a condition in which strong emotion like laughing and crying causes a person to physically collapse suddenly but remains conscious).

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

The above symptoms are caused by lack of a substance called orexin (neurotransmitter) in the brain.

2 Major Functions of Orexin

  • Manages sleep cycle.
  • Maintains the state of wakefulness.

A reduction of orexin due to a disease will cause a disruption in sleep cycles that will result to chronic sleep paralysis.

PYRO-ENERGEN Therapy for Narcolepsy

The exact cause of narcolepsy is unknown by medical science. Although symptoms of narcolepsy may be controlled by modern medications or drugs, they're almost always accompanied by side effects.

Just like with many other unknown sleep disorders like sleepwalking or somnambulism, we strongly believe that narcolepsy is caused by an outside negative energy force. Read "Root Cause of Cancer and Viral Diseases Revealed"

PYRO-ENERGEN Therapy for Narcolepsy

Since the PYRO-ENERGEN therapy machine has been proven to be very effective in eradicating a variety of unknown sleep disorders like sleepwalking and night terrors, it can prove effective against narcolepsy as well.

If you are suffering from sleep paralysis due to narcolepsy, or from any other unknown sleep disorders for that matter, we highly advise you to undergo PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy.

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