What Is Really the Cause of So-called Incurable Diseases?

by: Junji Takano

There are thousands of solutions or statements written on how to live healthily. But, do you know why many of those solutions do not work for you?

Millions of people suffer from incurable diseases, and as you are already aware of, more and more diseases of unknown cause are surfacing while continuously evolving, and threatening the mankind.

Thousands of herbal medicines from Korea, China, India, and Latin America, are being sold everywhere. The number of herbalists is increasing, too, because the world feels that modern medical science is facing to uncertain directions.

Many herbalists claim that Korean Ginseng is a panacea (cure-all), and Korean garlic and Korean red pepper including Kimchi recipes are ultimate health builders. I had visited Korea several times. Yes, most restaurants there especially in downtown, offer ginseng, garlic, and red pepper delicacies. Despite that, patients suffering from cancer, high blood pressure, and arthritis-related diseases still occupy most medical quarters.

Coconuts and its juice, sugar cane, bitter melon, watermelon, banaba (especially blended tea), you name it—a lot of herbs are being sold and advertised all over the world. Yet again, diseases we suffer do no decrease. Instead, new kinds of incurable maladies are surfacing.


Why do these herbs cannot eradicate your diseases completely? Most herbs are good, just like foods we take every day. Some herbs work in strengthening, rejuvenating, and mending damaged cells. Yes, some herbs act as an antibiotic and can kill or eradicate bacteria. However, we have never encountered an herb or medicine that works as an antivirus!

Disease-bearing bacteria produce poison called toxins against some of which medical science has developed antitoxins. Nowadays, most ailments caused by bacteria no longer pose a big problem for doctors. However, if your diseases are viral-related or due to an unknown cause, then you will wonder how and where those maladies entered or attracted to your body. Even the wisest doctors will just shake their heads in confusion.

Let us put things this way. You may actually notice that diseases caused by bacteria can be treated by herbs and medicines, but what about viral diseases and diseases with an unknown cause? No one knows the answer and how to eradicate them!

Since you can detect and observe bacteria under the microscope, finding a suitable treatment for it is easy. Viral diseases and diseases of unknown origin are completely different. No available modern gadgets can detect them. More importantly, unlike bacterial diseases, no one really knows the origin of viral diseases. Therefore, how can you cure something if you do not know its origin?

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Modern medical science can only find destroyed cells and tissues together with viruses under the microscope. They are not the origin of virus! Scientists 'failed' in finding the origin of virus. Where did virus come from? This is the main reason that they cannot invent 'true' antiviral medicines, unlike with bacteria.

For so many times, I have been mentioning that these so-called incurable diseases have originated and are caused by and through a certain external energy disturbance that I coined the “negative energy”. To learn more about this negative energy that I discovered, visit the page “Origin of Viral Diseases” and “Viral Diseases and the Fifth Dimension”.

Is there a way to eradicate this negative energy without the PYRO-ENERGEN? Yes, there are ways to escape from viruses as well as so-called incurable diseases.

A simple exercise and diet control are among the first things that you should do. Listed below are things that you should keep in mind.

  1. A nutritious food is an important factor in maintaining proper energy in the body.
  2. Brain control is important as a form of exercise—daytime is made for study and work, and nighttime is made for sleep. Refrain from nighttime works as much as possible, except for emergency situations.
  3. Stress is one of the biggest factors that speed up your body's aging process. Try to avoid stressful works. Refresh yourself in the forest, farmland, mountainside, or near the waterfall, together with your family. In this way, your stress will be dramatically reduced.
  4. Make others smile, and praise, which will reflect to you immediately as a power to reject the negative energy.

However, if you are already affected by the negative energy, getting rid of it from your body will be difficult. Only a miracle with faithful prayer to God and the PYRO-ENERGEN can answer it.


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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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